Is this fully functional Nikon camera the coolest Halloween costume ever?

Is this fully functional Nikon camera the coolest Halloween costume ever?

If you’re stumped for costume ideas for Halloween, and you have a little bit of gadgetry know-how, you may have just enough time to construct a costume that is sure to put you at the centre of attention at any party this year.

Thanks to PopPhoto, we came across a video showing how Tyler Card was able to create the coolest digital camera costume ever. You might think there isn’t much to the idea – what’s so special about a cardboard Nikon D3?

What’s amazing about this costume is not only does it look like a DSLR, it can actually function as one as well. Tyler can snap a photo, accompanied by a flash, and the image is displayed instantly.

So, according to Tyler, how does it all come together? The camera’s LCD screen is actually a laptop LCD screen. The camera lens is made of a five gallon bucket, with a regular (and in this case tiny) Nikon DSLR camera strapped inside.

He can then shoot images as he walks around using a remote shutter cable. Anyone walking by can see the photos as they instantly appear on the hacked laptop screen. We’re not entirely sure what technology he’s using here, but we’re guessing an Eye-Fi card might be involved.

If this costume is for real – then it undoubtedly earns itself a place in the creative costumes hall of fame.

Check out the behind the scenes video below which features a slideshow of images as the costume was built, as well as the photos that were snapped using the costume.

To see the actual photo-taking moment in action, check out this short video below:

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