A Drone Helicopter tour of GE’s largest American factories

A Drone Helicopter tour of GE’s largest American factories

The following video takes you on a drone helicopter ride through a factory forty football fields in size to unveil the scale and complexity of what GE makes — from locomotives to jet engines in its Aviation plant in Peebles, Ohio; Transportation plant in Erie, Pennsylvania; and its Healthcare plant in Florence, South Carolina. This is the eighth episode of The GE Show: Manufacturing, a series showcasing GE’s technology, people, and inventive problem-solving.

If you’re thinking, wait, this music is way too cool for a company like GE, it’s because it was produced by The Barbarian Group. “This was an exciting episode for us, not just because we got to visit enormous factories and play computer games all day, but because we got a chance to delve into the guts of a company that makes real physical things — a rarity these days,” wrote Barbarian Group’s Kenji Ross.

Check out the final video here:

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