Ultimate Geek Cred: Own a rug or wallpaper designed by your DNA

Ultimate Geek Cred: Own a rug or wallpaper designed by your DNA

Adrian Salamunovic is the co-founder of DNA11, the original creators of custom DNA Portraits, which turn the DNA collected from the inside of your cheek into a picture print that’s as unique as you are.

This week, Salamunovic launched a new site is called DNA11 Labs, which he describes as “Kickstarter meets the Museum of Modern Art for our brand”. They’ve launched new custom products like Wallpaper made from your DNA, a custom DNA Rug, Glass portraits- even a $10,000 waterfall for your home (video below). The way it works is simple: you vote for the products you like (all integrated with Facebook’s Opengraph) and based on the amount of votes an idea gets, it will be offered exclusively to members where you can pre-order the item with your DNA.

“The big idea behind labs is really about self expression,” said Salamunovic. “We are tapping into one of our most valuable assets; the collective hearts and minds of our diverse global customer base. Getting our clients to help us develop new ideas is simply invaluable.”

Crowdsourcing art projects based on our DNA? I mean, this is just the most awesome thing I’ve seen so far on a Friday. I would really, really love to lay on a rug designed by my own DNA, but they aren’t cheap- rugs start at $999 and go up to $4,999. But that would be the ultimate Geek Cred. Check out the rugs and wallpaper here:

Credit: vitstudio/Shutterstock

And don’t miss this crazy $10,000 custom DNA designed waterfall on someone’s rooftop in NYC:


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