What’s cooler than a Super Mario-themed wedding invitation? Not much.

What’s cooler than a Super Mario-themed wedding invitation? Not much.

There are people who treat a wedding as a sacred rite that is to be performed with the utmost formality and sombreness, and then there are others who throw regard for public perception to the winds and do something geeky and ridiculously cool!

Esther Tanouye and Ryan Watkins are strictly in the latter category. They sought the help of their friend Larry Quach, a freelance designer, and he came up with what could be the most memorable wedding invitation cards ever.

Done around a Super Mario theme, the cards are delightfully retro in their design and thoughtfully conceived. We especially loved the cartridge you remove from the jacket and the way the bride and groom’s last names are integrated into the design. And we love the golden connectors of the cartridge and the iconic bricks that yielded coins in the game.

Heck, we love everything about this card!

They were so popular among the invitees that several of them chose to RSVP by email or phone to avoid having to part with the card provided along with the invitation for that purpose. Even the backside of the cartridge has that authentic-looking warning that we got so used to in the glory days of cartridge-based video game consoles.

Hop on over to Quach’s website for more pictures, including those of a take-home box designed for the guests in the form of a brick from the Super Mario world, and a detailed description of the card and the design process. Consider us thoroughly impressed!

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