This baby tried to use a glossy magazine like an iPad, and failed

This baby tried to use a glossy magazine like an iPad, and failed

I’m endlessly fascinated by watching children play with technology. It all started when I saw a 4-year-old child swipe her hand across a television screen in frustration. What makes revolutionary touch and swipe technology so biologically natural?

The one-year-old baby girl in the following video clearly does not want to ever have to turn a paper page again. While many commenters were angry, saying that introducing a baby to an iPad before books is bad parenting, I don’t agree. What’s wrong with giving your baby the latest and greatest technology to begin with? I prefer reading on a Kindle, why shouldn’t my child embrace new technology as well?

Technology codes our minds, changes our OS. Apple products have done this extensively. The video shows how magazines are now useless and impossible to understand, for digital natives. It shows real life clip of a 1-year old, growing among touch screens and print. And how the latter becomes irrelevant. Medium is message. Humble tribute to Steve Jobs, by the most important person : a baby.

-Jean Louis, the Internet activist who posted the video.

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