How much are your contacts worth to you? [Infographic]

How much are your contacts worth to you? [Infographic]

What would it take for you to give up your personal contacts? How about your business ones? With each of us putting a different dollar amount on what we’d accept to rebuild from scratch, contextual email plugin Smartr, from Xobni (of which we covered the launch, last week) thought it might be interesting to get a broad-scale overview.

You can see the full infographic below, but here are some of the more interesting take-aways:

  • 48% of those surveyed still use a paper address book
  • People aged 45-54 years consider their contacts to be the most valuable
  • Mobile phones clock in at 77% as the chosen way to store contacts
So what’s your price? What would it take for you to hand over your address book, starting completely from scratch? Sound off in the comments.
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