A filmmaker’s tribute to Steve Jobs, 4 years in the making

A filmmaker’s tribute to Steve Jobs, 4 years in the making

In the following short film, Director Casey Neistat documents his journey from Amsterdam to New York City to purchase the first iPhone in 2007. He spends the night in front of an AT&T store in Manhattan just to be the first in line when the store opened at 9am.

He left the footage unpublished until now and concluded the film, 4 years later, with a few shots from the very sad scene outside of the Apple store in SoHo.

“I made this movie in 2007 but never published it. Steve Jobs’ death reminded me of it. In 2000, I was living in a trailer park when Apple released the iMac DV, the first consumer machine that could edit video. I maxed out my credit card and got one. No film school, it was that computer that got me into films and provided me with the career I have today. Sad to lose Steve Jobs,” writes Neistat.

“As artists, Apple products represent the tools and inspiration to be creative and express ourselves. Steve Jobs paved the way for many of us to become filmmakers. He will be missed,” wrote Catfish Directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost wrote after posting Neistat’s video on Facebook.

Check it out here.

Hat Tip to @NickFoden

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