Check out this iPhone cover which doubles as a speaker for cyclists

Check out this iPhone cover which doubles as a speaker for cyclists

If you’re an iPhone 4 user who gets around mostly on your bike, you probably already know you shouldn’t wear earphones when you’re behind the handlebars. Taking a phone call or listening to music becomes a hazard, and it’s better to just go without.

Cnet has highlighted a handy little alternative that could be the perfect solution. Thanks to Taiwanese company, Fruitshop, an iPhone cover could allow you to talk on the phone, listen to music, or even use your iPhone as a GPS unit, all from the comfort of your bicycle handlebars.

The unfortunately named Horn Bike is a phone cover and speaker in one, and it can be attached to pretty much any kind of bicycle handlebars. The way that the speaker is designed ensures that you can listen to your music without disturbing anyone as you go whizzing by, or chat with a friend without people eavesdropping on your conversation. How much you are going to hear of that conversation probably depends on how noisy your city happens to be.  The best part about Horn Bike, however, is that it doesn’t require batteries or any kind of power supply to work.

The silicone speaker/cover combo will set you back $30, although it does also seem to be available from one Amazon retailer for far less than that.

To see how useful the Horn Bike can be, check out Fruitshop’s video below:

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