Napster co-founder Sean Parker tips a Hollywood waitress $5k

Napster co-founder Sean Parker tips a Hollywood waitress $5k

The topic of ‘tipping’ is a big bone of contention depending on where you live in the world and how much money you earn. But it seems Sean Parker doesn’t think twice about dishing money out for a spot of good service.

The Napster co-founder and former Facebook President was having a good ‘ol time in West Hollywood’s Beverly Club at the weekend, and one waitress was given a pretty generous $5,000 tip for her efforts – almost the same amount as the $6,000 tab he ran up at the bar, Haute Living reports, via Rumorfix.

Whoever made up the ‘10%’ tipping rule clearly didn’t tell Parker, but then again if you’re a billionaire a few thousand here or there won’t make a blind bit of difference to your bank balance.

After Napster, Parker launched Plaxo in 2002, an online address book and social networking service that integrated with Microsoft Outlook. He then advised Mark Zuckerberg and Co. at Facebook in 2004, before becoming its first president, receiving 7% of Facebook’s stock in the process. And Parker has also sat on the Board at Spotify, investing several million dollars in the music-streaming service.

Parker ranks at number 200 on the Forbes 400 list and is placed at 782 on the Forbes Billionaires list. He’s thought to be worth over $2bn.

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