Ikea introduces Mänland, an Xbox-laden daycare for non-shopping men

Ikea introduces Mänland, an Xbox-laden daycare for non-shopping men

Hey guys – you really don’t have an excuse to skip the Ikea trip now. The Swedish company has just introduced Mänland, a male-friendly respite from endless aisles and minimalist furniture.

Don’t believe it? Here’s video proof. While it does look a bit like something that you might expect to see on The Onion, both AdWeek and News.com.au appear to confirm it is indeed real.

The dedicated area inside of Ikea’s store is filled with Xbox 360 consoles, pinball machines, free hot dogs and big-screen TVs. Much like the store’s pre-existing Smaland for children, the significant others will even be given a buzzer to remind them to pick up their facial-hair-bearing counterparts.

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