This service lets someone scan your t-shirt to get your contact info

This service lets someone scan your t-shirt to get your contact info

If the idea of having to implant a QR code onto your clothing turns you off, then this is likely to look like a great option. We all have that favorite t-shirt, right? It’s the one that everybody knows you by. So why not really lay claim to it by tying the pattern of the shirt to your contact information?

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A company called Capturio will let you take a picture of the shirt that you love, then send it to them with your contact information. When someone sees you, they can take a picture of you, send it off to the Capturio email address and then they’ll get an email back with your contact information.

Since the system uses email and remote data processing, it can run on any iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. It would make sense, actually, that it could work on any phone with a camera and email functionality.

Springwise says that there’s presently a limit of 1 shirt per user, but that the limit will increase soon. Mobile apps, a web app and social network integration is set to come as well. The question, of course, is what happens when your favorite t-shirt is exactly the same as someone else?

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