Here’s how the Reddit logo was created

Here’s how the Reddit logo was created

This morning, one of my favorite guys in the tech world, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit and Hipmunk fame, posted a little ditty on how he made the Reddit logo. “Remember,” he writes, “This was from back in April 2005 using PaintshopPro5 (cracked). I wasn’t a very experienced artist back then. Be gentle.”

For everyone who sucks in Reddit like crack, here’s a bit of the back story: Ohanian says he had also considered calling “reditt” and registered both and at the same time. Ohanian also took special care to make sure that the antenna pointed toward the brandname. “It was just a matter of time until I realized the alien should be on the left so it’s the first thing someone would see on the page,” he says.

And there you have it, the creation of the lovable logo known as Reddit.

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