These clothes are made from sour milk. Yes, really. [Video]

These clothes are made from sour milk. Yes, really. [Video]

“On the face of it, this is a normal fashion shoot, with clothes from a Mademoiselle Chi Chi collection…but these soft fabrics are made from an unusual substance. Milk.”

‘Couture from cow’s milk’ was the brainchild of Anke Domaske, a 28-year old biologist and fashion designer from Germany, and the main ingredient is a protein derived from sour milk.

Domaske and her team developed a special process which required experimenting over many years to arrive at the final fabric. She says:

“Milk is underrated because people only view it as a food-stuff. But you can make a lot more from it – milk is a wonderful, natural raw material. The special thing about milk is that is has a lovely silky feel. The fabric falls wonderfully, and it’s cheaper than silk.

But the method could also have further implications for the environment:

“The special thing about it is we can manufacture it without using any pesticides or chemicals. And it only takes an hour to produce, which is very environmentally friendly.”

Selling for between €150 and €200 per item, Domaske’s dairy designs are going on show this summer, and a similar line in men’s clothing is due shortly.

See the video for yourself.

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