This ultra-secure house promises to keep the zombies at bay.

This ultra-secure house promises to keep the zombies at bay.

Worried that, following the glut of zombie stories in cinema and literature in recent years, zombies may be coming to attack you and your home? By that logic, you’ll need to consider vampires too.

In any case, apparently the literary trend has inspired some to prepare for such an event in the real world, and we’ve got pictures of the house that proves it. The Safe House, designed by KWK Promes, looks like a modern home with huge glass panes at first glance — decidely insecure. But it wraps itself up into an impenetrable fortress with concrete slabs closing off all the windows.

The only means of entry is a second story door that is accessed by a retractable bridge.

I don’t know about zombies, but I can’t help but feel this house would provide the ultimate in relief from unscheduled in-law visits.

Check out these images to see The Safe House go from open, modern home to fortress. Via All That Is Interesting.

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