This wedding was shot entirely on the iPhone 4

This wedding was shot entirely on the iPhone 4

As a wedding photographer, I’ve often fantasized about shooting an entire wedding on an iPhone. I’ve even contributed shots from iPhones to albums and videos. Fantasizing about it wasn’t enough for the creators of this wedding video discovered by iPhone Download Blog. They went and shot an entire wedding on iPhone 4’s, including video and stills.

If you look carefully you can see evidence that they’re using some sort of lens attachments to get fisheye effects on some shots. Many of the images look like they got a bit of a brush up in Photoshop too.

I can tell you from personal experience that the iPhone 4 is an incredible pocket camera, I’ve been using it as my point-and-shoot for months now. You can easily blow up shots 12×18″ or even a tad larger, so I don’t think that this couple will have any trouble getting decent prints. Heck, the video montage alone looks like it turned out great.

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