Try This Crazy Wikipedia Trick

Try This Crazy Wikipedia Trick

Here’s something strange, but it really works…

Go to Wikipedia, any random article will do. Click the first link of any article, but skip anything in parentheses (brackets). Repeat this and you will eventually end up on Philosophy.

It may take you a few clicks, (it’s taken us between 5 and 25, depending on the article we started at) but it’s amazing how every time we’ve tried here at The Next Web, Philosophy always shows up soon enough. Why, we’re not sure but philosophy professors around the world are sure to be pleased just how popular their discipline is.

How many clicks did it take you?

UPDATE: Lots of people are asking us to credit XKCD for this trick. It was passed to us without reference to the comic. However, as noted in the comments below, Wikipedia has actually had a page about this trick since 2008.

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