Every parent should be doing this

Every parent should be doing this

There’s an endless list of cases where a toddler can find himself in a potentially life threatening situation, none perhaps more so than in water. In fact, child drowning is the second leading cause of accidental injury and death to children under the age 14.

Aware of the hazards, an organisation called Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) has launched ChildDrowningPrevention.com aiming to teach ways to, you guessed it, prevent child drownings. What’s remarkable about this organisation is that the training involves teaching techniques for the toddler to be able to save himself, rather than instructions for the parent.

Despite its “retro” appearance shall we say, the site contains videos, guides, instructions and software to teach the basic techniques but also details of how you can become a Child Drowning Prevention instructor yourself. If you’re not all too confident in the water however, there’s a complete directory of instructors to search through, wherever you may be based.

Interested in a taster of the techniques involved? Watch this video, it blew my mind but more importantly it may just save someones life one day .

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