Twinthesis: Mac app explores the sounds of Twitter

Twinthesis: Mac app explores the sounds of Twitter

We know what Twitter looks like but did you ever wonder what it sounded like?

Sam Harman, an applications developer and audio enthusiast is developing a synthesiser for Twitter to generate sounds from live tweets. He calls his project Twinthesis the “sonification of Twitter”.

Twinthesis, exclusively available on Mac OS X is a MaxMSP patch that allows you to hear the sound of Twitter and aims to “sonify the human randomness being generated on the service”.

As Harman explains in his scientific report that the synthesiser contains 6 modules and it has been build with patches for Touch OSC, allowing users to perform live from the iPad or iPhone.

Touch OSC is an iOS app and touch control surface that enables users to control open sound audio over WiFi and can be used as a full remote for Harman’s Twinthesis. Basically, this will bring users a way to create experimental music using the both Touch OSC and Harman’s engine. In the video below you can see Twinthesis in action on Mac.

The aim of this project was to use Twitter as an entity to power a synthesiser. The Max/MSP patch proves the concept, and shows that Twitter can be used to provide humanistic randomness results in an interesting soundscape and musical piece.

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