Would your kitty poop in this Litter Robot?

Would your kitty poop in this Litter Robot?

I first saw the Litter Robot while perusing a Sky Mall catalog a few months ago. Then earlier this morning my wonderful colleague brought it back to my attention. Behold The Litter Robot, for all of your Cat’s pooping needs. The self-cleaning litter box includes a patented sifting system that means you’ll never have to scoop poop again. 7 minutes after your cat leaves, clumps are sifted as the globe spins leaving the robot ready for its next visitor.

One customer wrote, “The cats luckily got pretty used to the whole thing and went in and out without a hitch – well, most of them did. One kitty (Dim Sum!) wasn’t too into putting her entire behind into the Litter-Robot. While the LR is huge, its actual pooping area is rather small – 14 inches across with the max amount of litter inside. Dim Sum, the calico, had a tendency of going in just enough (or not enough) to get her pooper inside. The result: finding little presents on the trigger step. Not sure if this is the Litter-Robot’s fault or my r-tard cat’s fault.”

The robot boxes come in beige, black, grey and feature a number of different accessories. Yours for only $329. Buy it here.

For a video of poop in robot action, watch here.

Disclaimer: I don’t like cats, I love robots and I also LOVE CATPAINT.

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