What if Google Search Was Lazy? [Video]

What if Google Search Was Lazy? [Video]

Here’s an interesting idea – what if websites had personalities of their own? The Search Operators is a thought-provoking site that turns Google into a lazy staff member that can’t quite be bothered to get anything right.

Enter search queries and it will yawn. Hit ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ and you’ll be out of luck. Even the search results you do get will be not quite what you wanted.

Built using HTML5 Canvas, Processing.js, Javascript, jQuery, the Google Search API and a dash of imagination, the site’s developers describe the site as “The sloppy twin of Google search. By reversing the passive roles of UI elements, we want to expand the traditional notion of user interfaces. We hope this sloppy twin helps you switch mind set from everyday web routines and open up new perspectives.”

You can get a taste of the site in the video below or try it yourself at search.detourlab.com.

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