Now this is what I call a Social Media studio! [video]

Now this is what I call a Social Media studio! [video]

Want to experience the Toyko Marathon 2011? Joseph Tame aka @tamegoeswild aims to bring the marathon to you through his new invention code named iRun.

Tame’s project will stream the marathon from the multiple devices strapped to the iRun, and will broadcast the event on Sunday Feb 26th (6pm EST) from his site.

Tame calls iRun a “social media studio”. It sports four iPhones, an iPad, an iPod, an Android, rotatable mounts, 3 wifi units and a bird-feeding dish. This highly complex device also has various rods and piping that secures the unit from falling apart. Seriously though, this thing looks like a catastrophe waiting happen.

iRun is equipped with Twitter, Runkeeper, FaceTime and Skype, and uses a mini-weather station to stream information about the temperature, CO2, noise and humidity levels. He’s asking people to
actively participate on Twitter.

Tame explains how he’s pulling it off:

This technology will allow me to broadcast live video on two cameras (using either skype or FaceTime to a local studio for re-broadcast), send live location/pace/heart rate data via Runkeeper on the iPhone, transmit temperature, COx/humidity/noise levels via a custom-made Android app created by – and do all of this while looking incredibly cool… On the day of the marathon we’ll have a team of about 15 volunteers broadcasting live from various points along the marathon route – these will stream back to our makeshift studio where they will be mixed and rebroadcast via Ustream.

This isn’t Tame’s first stab at broadcasting, last year Tame streamed the same marathon from a head-mounted iPhone, and he was able to grab over 13,000 viewers and over 1,000 tweets per hour.

Following on from the success of last year’s Tokyo Marathon broadcast project, this year I’m upping the ante, by running the entire 42km/26 mile course whilst operating the iRun, the world’s most advanced mobile social media machine that will allow me to share this epic challenge with the world in a way that has never been attempted before.

Below we’ve posted a video of Joseph Tame and his iRun in action. And if you want to call him a tool, you’d be correct. A broadcasting tool.

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