The most epic gift a bro can give to another bro

The most epic gift a bro can give to another bro

Thinking of a gift to give your sibling? How about an awesome 100% custom-made action figure that comes in an equally awesome carton, like this one? Check out how graphic artist Brennan Gilbert put the gift together.

Tyler (Brennan’s accountant brother) got a full-ride to university for an accounting degree, so as a gift he decided to get him a gift. He got his brother a 12″ action figure of himself and designed a custom packaging “to make it all come together as one cohesive, utterly stunning, better-than-anything-else-ever, gift.”

This guy deserves a bro fist. Oh what are we saying…a brotherly hug is in order.

Check out the unique, cool, illustrated photo-montage highlighting some of his brother’s good times leading up to this new phase in his life. It is complimented with witty, sarcastic typography, and an aged, screen-print-esque color scheme. There are details and facts about him, plus lyrics of the song, “Beg, Steal or Borrow” by Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs for good luck.

via @Behance

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