Perform the perfect marriage proposal with The Heart Bandits

Perform the perfect marriage proposal with The Heart Bandits

Getting married is tough work, even with the help of Google. But a moment that is almost as important to the wedding day is the day of the proposal. Women may do most of work for planning the wedding but the man has to bare the stress of executing the marriage proposal. A task that most men find daunting, after all how he proposes will be shared with anyone that can spot that ring on your finger, strangers and friends alike.  A really good proposal story is passed down generations, as are the really bad stories. To make sure you guys don’t ruin that magic moment, Michele Williamson setup The Heart Bandits.

The Heart Bandits is a paid service where you get help planning your perfect proposal. Prices start from $99 to to create a proposal idea or fine-tuning an existing idea.  However $199 will get you an expert events coordinator who will help organize all the details.

It may sound like a lot of money but if you’re a busy professional or are clueless about romance this will be for you.

Watch a recent proposal The Heart Bandit helped coordinate here.

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