Silicon Valley geeks have their own ‘Fight Club’. I kid you not. [Video]

Silicon Valley geeks have their own ‘Fight Club’. I kid you not. [Video]

Where do geeks go to blow off steam?

A club founded by a software engineer, is a place where geeks from Silicon Valley can go to take some aggression out with their fists. The video created by Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari titled “Uppercut”, gives you a look into the private world of a geek fight club, a club that aims to bring courage and strength to the participants involved.

A member of the club states “the fighting is remedy of the cubicle existence”, a line that sounds like it was taken from the script of the movie Fight Club. Although, it does seem to be a “nicer” version of the Fight Club we saw in the movie but they do get pretty brutal. At 7:49 in the video, it shows a man being beaten with a keyboard.

The gentleman’s fighting club holds matches in a car garage, and since it’s a “geek” fight club, they’ve even included a mural of a computer in the background. There are two rules or guidelines in this gentleman’s fight club: One, don’t cripple your friend.  And two, don’t make anyone cry.

What do you think guys, is this something you’d be interested in trying?

In Silicon Valley we have the highest concentration of aggressive people in the United States. And it’s a place where all life has been reduced to working in a cubicle and then after work going out to have a Merlot at the Fromage bar. I’m kind of looking for something a little more primitive, a little more basic, something that appeals to the essential nature of a man.

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