Dolphin Man sets world record – gets disqualified [Video]

Dolphin Man sets world record – gets disqualified [Video]

Hill Taylor, a 23 year old from the University of Texas is nicknamed “Dolphin Man” for his ability to swim underwater for long periods of time. In the video below, during a 50-meter backstroke, Hill swam the entire event underwater in an impressive 23.1 seconds.

The world record for the fastest backstroke is 24.04 seconds and if Hill hadn’t been disqualified, he would have broke the record.

As Wired points out, his stunt was technically illegal because based on the sport’s official backstroke rules set by FINA, swimmers are not allowed to stay underwater for longer than 15 meters throughout the race. Either way, his skill is absolutely amazing.

I see a graphic novel in our future.. ‘Dolphin Man, he’s everything AquaMan isn’t’. We demand he be inducted into the Justice League immediately.

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