Hookers 2.0

Hookers 2.0

Here is a very interesting bunch of facts about prostitution in New York. What mostly struck me was how these women (must be guys there too but they aren’t mentioned) use social media and new technology to do their work.

There is a whole list of facts at the original post you didn’t know about hookers but I only took out these three:

  • 70% of those sex workers surveyed use a BlackBerry, while just 19% use an iPhone.
  • 83% of sex workers have a Facebook page, and they get 25% of regular clients from Facebook.
    These day, just 3% of clients come from Craigslist.
  • Many escort agencies will give johns an “entertainment” receipt for their sex
    which they can then write off on their business travel expenses.

So Craigslist is losing its sex-appeal with sex-workers? They must be devastated!

I do wonder why the blackberry is more popular than the iPhone? I would’ve guessed multi-touch would have been more popular.

source: Brobible

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