Cameras + Green Screen + Internet = One amazing window display

Cameras + Green Screen + Internet = One amazing window display

You want your brand to be known. You want people to interact with your product. You want it in people’s faces as they walk down the street, but you want the viral ability of the Internet. The solution? Use a green screen to film what will become an interactive display for passers by. Oh, and have people on the Internet be able to take control of it.

That’s the story, given to us by Marcus Wallander, interactive art director at Hyper Island, Stockholm. The results? Simply stunning:

Want to see how it was all done? Here’s a look behind the scenes, as well:

When art meets marketing in a manner such as this, color us impressed. But Marcus wants to make sure that you know he didn’t do it alone. The entire team was involved, and so credit is due to them as well.

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