Infographic: A Decade of Data Storage

Infographic: A Decade of Data Storage

Rackspace, a cloud computing and cloud hosting company based in Texas, has put together a brilliant infographic depicting the advances in data storage over the last decade.

From the “I love you” virus becoming the most expensive virus in computer history, to P2P networks, PCs, IBM‘s Millipede chip, YouTube, cloud computing, Twitter, TB hard drives, the iPhone, BluRay technology, and holographic storage. As technology advances rapidly, it leaves behind obsolete artifacts in its wake, and re-shapes society forever.

Online Storage

Some are slow to keep up. Take note that just 19 years after it revolutionized data storage, Sony stops making 3.5in floppy disc in 2010.

Where do you think we’ll be in another 10 years?

via @LaughingSquid

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