Ah so this might be the future of the desktop computer.

Ah so this might be the future of the desktop computer.

With Smart TV’s, Google TV’s, Apple TV’s and whatever else round the corner, it’s no surprise that its left many questioning whether the era of the desktop computer has finally come to an end. Personally, I’ve fully backed the idea that Smart TV’s are the desktop replacement, that is until I spotted The Bend Desk over on Design Boom.

The Bend Desk is a “prototype interactive display that takes the digital workspace from the screen to the desktop by the media computing group at RWTH aachen university. while a typical work setup combines a flat desktop with a vertical computer screen, bend desk combines the two into one single unit. bend desk is a vision for a future workspace that allows continuous interaction between both areas. using multi-touch technology, the display curves from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane. this workspace can be used to display digital content and interact with it directly using multi-touch gestures and manipulation.”

Really has to be seen to be believed. What are your thoughts? Has this got potential?

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