Visualizing thanks: ThankfulFor and JESS3’s Gratitude Index 2010

Visualizing thanks: ThankfulFor and JESS3’s Gratitude Index 2010

Take one part “thank you” and one part social media. Mix well and pass it out to the world for a tasty bit of infographic from JESS3 and ThankfulFor. The site, which allows you to create what it calls a “personal gratitude journal”, has handed over a wealth of anonymous data to the JESS3 crew. Doing the thing that JESS3 does, they put together a pretty amazing set of visualizations showing what people are most thankful for.

There are some interesting points to be seen, as noted in the ThankfulFor Blog. Among these points, is that people are most often thankful for other people. While there are 39 other general “themes” for which people express their thanks, people was the runaway leader with 45.2% of the activity in this section.

Beyond that, people tend to be thankful for experiences, inspiration, things and of course activities. But some of the rest might surprise you. Want to take a look? Here’s the full report:

Gratitude Index 2010 from

Our personal thanks, of course, goes out to ThankfulFor and the JESS3 crews for providing a really cool look at this timely subject. Do make sure to check out the other JESS3 things that we’ve highlighted on TNW as well.

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