Video: Japan’s 3D Hologram Rock Star, Hatsune Miku

Video: Japan’s 3D Hologram Rock Star, Hatsune Miku

Yesterday I wrote a post about the music industry’s 2.0 turn. Today I was sent this awesome video of a Hatsune Miku, a hologram who’s fast becoming Japan’s most famous rock star. The virtual star with blue-green hair is literally a piece of software who sings catchy J-pop tunes. (And you thought auto-tuning was bad.)

Hatsune Miku was created by Crypton Media using Yamaha’s Vocaloid voice synthesizer. The virtual avatar, who appears on stage as a 3D hologram, has continually been selling out concerts in Japan. Crypton has even set up a record label called KarenT with its own YouTube channel.

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Watch her HD concert here:">

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