The Sandpit: A tilt-shift video that will fool your mind

The Sandpit: A tilt-shift video that will fool your mind

I’m a sucker for really cool photography and videography. Whether that be macro shots, odd angle or just an incredibly unique aspect, I’ll flip through pictures and videos for hours. The Sandpit, a tilt-shift photography-come-video that details a day in the life of New York City, is worthy of being put on repeat:

The music, in case you’re wondering, is an original score by Human, a New York-based audio design company. You can find more work at their site. But the interesting story is what it took to get The Sandpit to come to reality.

Aero Film has recently done an interview with one of its own, Sam O’Hare, who is the brain and eyes behind The Sandpit. His methods are very cool, to say the least. There are some interesting take-aways from the interview however:

  • 35,000 still photographs
  • The Sandpit took 5 days to “film”
  • The project was inspired by the film Koyaanisqatsi

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