Adobe Flash vs. HTML5 settled by game of Pong

Adobe Flash vs. HTML5 settled by game of Pong

Created by Computerlove, this unique game of Pong is a fun way to settle the Flash versus HTML5 debate.

From the creators:

“The Flash Vs HTML5 debate has caused much discussion over the recent months and it certainly got us thinking here at Code. We believe the two technologies are not in competition and each have their purpose, but thought it might be amusing to actually put them in direct competition.”

Note however, Computerlove states there is a known performance issue in Mac Safari 5 and for the best performance, play the game in Firefox v. 3.5 or greater.

The arrival of the game nicely coincides with Apple’s approval of an app that lets one  convert Flash video into HTML5 to play on the iPhone and iPad.

Ready to play?  Click here.

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