We already sent it..

We already sent it..

From Clients From Hell:

Client: “That’s way too much money to charge for an email campaign. It’s not hard to put a few graphics in an email.”

Me: “I charge based off of my regular hourly rate and that’s how long it will take to complete the project.”

Client: “Forget it. We’ll just do it in house. We have a copy of Dreamweaver.”

[Phone call 2 weeks later]

Client: “Can you talk for a second?”

Me: “Sure.”

Client: “OK. We made that email campaign, but I can’t figure out why all of the links take me to the unsubscribe page.”

Me: “I’m not sure. Is this a test email you’re talking about? I can finish the project for you based on my hourly rate.”

Client: “Well…no. We already sent it.”

The client sent an email campaign to a list of 74,000 customers with every link in the email being a one-click unsubscribe.

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