U.S. Releases Design for New $100 Bill

U.S. Releases Design for New $100 Bill

Today, the U.S. Treasury has unveiled the design for the new $100 bill that will be issued into circulation on February 10, 2011. This bill was designed with security in mind in order to stay ahead of counterfeiters. One of the newest features, Motion, will lace each bill with up to 650,000 microlenses which will allow for an image to shift whenever the bill is moved. More security features and an interactive map are available at newmoney.gov.

With all the awesome stuff that has been released recently (eh hem… iPad), there’s certainly enough things to spend it on. Then again, it might be kind of difficult to part with a crisp, new $100 bill, but hey, saving money ain’t so bad. Here’s a video that details the design and some of the new important security features:


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