The Best Rap Ever: Pants on the Ground

The Best Rap Ever: Pants on the Ground

I’m not sure if Simon Cowell is loved or loathed in his native UK, but I love that he brought this show across the pond.

This is the best.rap.ever.

From the American Idol Season 9 auditions: Larry Platt performing his rap “Pants on the Ground”


Here is a great link sharing some facts about Larry Platt and a bunch of remixes from the site of another TNW writer, Ryan Deal: Top 10 General Larry Platt “Pants on the Ground” Remixes and here is a run down of the best “Pants on the Ground” remixes on the net so far: Best Larry Platt ‘Pants On The Ground’ Remixes

Also, don’t forget to use the hash tag when talking about General Pratt’s great rap: #pantsontheground ;)

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