Google Wants You To Give Chrome For The Holidays

Google Wants You To Give Chrome For The Holidays

google_logo5Google, in their ever crafty ways, is trying to get you to evangelize Chrome this holiday season.

The team behind Chrome has built an application that lets you send out a gift to all of your friends, via a slick application that you can find here.

That gift, of course, just happens to be a download link to Chrome in pretty packaging. Take a look:

give chrome 1

When you send the gift, Google asks you to “wrap” the gift in a theme-wrapper, giving it a sheen of Christmas. Ah Google, you contextualised  you.

You are then prompted to input the name of the person that it is going to, a short message from yourself, and your name and email address.

The gift recipient receives an email akin to the following:

give chrome 2

Which prompts then to click on the link, when a video is played showing  a wrapped ball of Chrome (in your chosen skin), which breaks into your personal letter:

give chrome 3

Click unwrap and enjoy your piping hot Chrome loving.

This of course will do little to end the great browser wars of the decade, but it is good fun to see Google innovating on the evangelism end. If I had been on the team, I would have allowed people to send extensions as little sub-presents, but that is just me.

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