The Black Death – Windows Security Update Blackens Your Screen

The Black Death – Windows Security Update Blackens Your Screen

windows7_01Just a few weeks into Microsoft’s biggest product launch cycle in years, Windows seems to be having a bit of a problem following a security update.

The excellent TechFlash has reported that there is widespread, but not endemic, reports of screens going mostly black after completing recent Microsoft security updates. Blackened screens are nigh unusable, according to reports.

The problem is not limited to a specific Windows build, and does effect the new Windows 7 operating system. This of course it the opposite of what Microsoft was planning for the launch of Windows 7. It wanted it to be thought of as beyond rock-solid. Falling to its knees due to an official security update is embarrassing.

TechFlash was able to secure a quote from Microsoft: “Microsoft is investigating reports that its latest release of security updates is resulting in system issues for some customers. Once we complete our investigation, we will provide detailed guidance on how to prevent or address these issues.”

You can read that like this: “We really have no idea why this happened, but we are trying like hell to right the ship. Once we put the fire out in our hair, we will get back to you.”

Get on it Microsoft. For now, updates are turned off on my Windows 7 machines, you might want do the same.

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