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Data Market Services Accelerator

Join a 6 month European Commission funded startup accelerator providing growth training, media exposure, and investment connection. Apply below:

The program

The program

The Data Market Services Accelerator is a program designed to help startups in the European Union (and associated countries) grow their skills, connect with partners and investors, and gain media and events exposure. It is free to participate, and funded by the European Commission.

Over 6 months, 50 data-centric startups will receive training in key topics such as GDPR, intellectual property, investment matchmaking and fundraising, legal training, and more. Startups will also add cutting-edge training in data science and trust building in today's data economy to their company’s toolkit. The training will be delivered by leading experts in the field.

As a participating startup you can expect access to interactive webinars, one-on-one support, free entry to accelerators and incubators in four European countries, and direct connection to investors. Selected startups will also get a sponsored booth at the TNW2021 flagship conference in Amsterdam!

The Data Market Services Accelerator is now entering its third year. Apply below to take your startup to the next level!

The story

The story

The European Commission’s strategy for the European Data Economy has identified the value of the data industry to be €739 billion in 2020. This represents 4% of overall EU GDP, with the global big data economy seeing annual compound growth of 23% over the last 5 years.

Scrutiny and regulation in recent years has been focused on the proper collection, storage, and usage of personal and large-scale data; driven by political scandals, mass collections, and increasing awareness of the emerging predictive and AI-driven world. This landscape provides strong impetus for the Data Market Services Accelerator, providing new and growing startups with access to training and support in using data responsibly, effectively, and accurately.

In addition, DMS (Data Market Services) will help startups address the slow adoption of advanced big-data technologies – reducing the skills gap between Europe and the US and China, and helping startups navigate the challenging terrains of privacy, compliance, and standardization.

The partners behind the program

The partners behind the program

We are a team of accelerators, investors, and corporations across Europe with the same objective: give free support and services to boost European data-centric SMEs and startups.

  • Zabala Innovation Consulting - Experts in training programs for startups and SME’s

  • TNW - Flagship conferences and global media to showcase your company

  • University of Southampton - Leaders in data science and training

  • King’s College London - Training in big data and AI

  • Bright Pixel Accelerator - Builders and investors transforming the way companies address innovation and new ventures

  • SpinLab Accelerator - One of the top 20 accelerators in Europe

  • Spherik Accelerator - Winner of the Best Accelerator And Incubation Program in Romania for 3 years in a row

  • IPtector Consulting Aps - IP consulting based on decades of international corporate experience

  • ERCIM/W3C- Leaders in info, data, and privacy law and training for European data landscapes

  • Ogilvy - Global advertising, marketing, and PR

The practicalities

The practicalities

Are you a data-centric European startup looking for training, exposure, and investments? If so, we welcome you to apply.

Data Market Services Accelerator program timeline:

February 15 - Applications open

May 3rd at 23:59 CET - Applications close

May 31 - Program begins

November 2021 - Program ends