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X Europe 2021 Announcement

Spotlight on the BENELUX

Join us on September 23, 2021



Have you ever thought about relocating or expanding your startup to Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg? Would you like to meet key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem of the Benelux? Perhaps you are looking for investment in the region, or you’d like to understand how the Benelux ecosystem works? Then this event is for you!

Together with X-Europe and funded by the EC in the scope of H2020, we bring you ‘Spotlight on the BENELUX’, an intimate series of interactive panels with regional top-tier representatives from the Benelux. Get ready for insights on how startups can thrive in the regions, and discuss the ins and outs of the country’s ecosystems, how to make connections, and what the future holds for you.

Join us and our online community for free on September 23. We will be answering all of your questions regarding the key aspects of the Benelux innovation ecosystem, and provide you with networking opportunities to meet likeminded innovators and stakeholders of the region!



We are always happy to help out and start new collaborations. Would you like to partner with us on a new initiative? Are you looking for a partner to start your Open Innovation projects with? Or a place to expand when entering the Benelux? Contact us!


Check out the agenda of Spotlight on the BENELUX

  • Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg, 3 regions with similar characteristics; small countries with an incredibly high innovation culture, startups, and investors. How are they doing it? What drives them? Find out more with our panel of experts!

  • Investment is one of the most important requirements startups have to succeed in the early years of business. How is the investment potential in the Benelux looking? Are there stronger pushes for specific industries or stages? Discover more about the investment ecosystem in the region and answer all your doubts with our experienced investors.

  • The pandemic seems to be slowly disappearing, and things appear to be going back to normal. Are cities ready to build an improved normal? How has this pandemic affected shaping the future? Learn more about how cities in the region are preparing an improved normal utilizing the learnings and considering shifting trends from the pandemic.

  • We have been hearing a lot about the rise of women in the entrepreneurial world, business, politics, sports, etc. But, how is the situation being handled in the Benelux? Are there mechanisms to support equal opportunities? In this panel, we will be hearing some inspiring stories that can illustrate the rise of women in the region.

  • Welcome to Amsterdam! In this panel discussion, we will hear real stories and experiences from startup founders that have relocated to Amsterdam. What were they thinking? How did the transition go? And of course, we will leave some time to answer all your questions.

  • Currently, all innovation ecosystem stakeholders in the innovation world are facing new challenges that can endanger their way of working. Identifying and finding new ways of moving forward is vital for our common future. How can governments and corporates use the help of startups to grow and accelerate their innovation agendas? How are ecosystem builders supporting startup expansion and collaboration? How are all these collaborations making the future of innovation brighter? Our accomplished set of panelists will be further discussing these questions, as well as sharing some practical examples of how this has worked for them.

  • Put Luxembourg on your radar! A unique opportunity to discover Luxembourg’s booming startup ecosystem and hear testimonials from startup founders who chose Luxembourg to expand their business in Europe.

  • New knowledge and skills, the ability to develop and exploit new technologies, as well as understanding how technology and society interact, are all critical success factors that universities can contribute to in this ongoing process of change. However, nowadays this is not enough. Universities are also boosting incubation, acceleration and even investment and corporate matchmaking for student startups to succeed. How is this affecting the innovation ecosystem in the region? Is there something else that can still be done? Join us for this panel and learn more about how universities are boosting the innovation ecosystem in the Benelux!

  • Competition for highly skilled talent is only increasing. In the digital age we live in today, both companies and job seekers can easily find their optimal employer and employee based solely on preferences, values, and passions. It’s a two-way street. That's why it's time for organizations to critically assess how attractive or appealing they are for potential job applicants. How can they improve the way they’re seen? What are job seekers looking for in a job in 2021? Deepen your understanding of talent engaging with this panel!

  • Several international organizations have been trying to improve the world’s social and sustainable situation by launching a call to action. In 2015 the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals, to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. However, these actions don’t seem to be moving as fast as expected. Can tech and innovation help this moving forward? Check out what our experts and partners of the region think!