TNW Pro: Frequent Asked Questions

How do I share as a Pro?

Every post on TNW has share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. When you are logged in as a Pro member (you can see if you are by checking the menu bar. If it is blue-ish and shows ‘PRO’ that means you are logged in) the share buttons contain custom URLs with your unique ID in them. They are shortened using our own domain. When you use these sharing buttons to share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn you are using the correct URL.

What if I don’t want to use the sharing buttons from within a post?

You can copy the URL from a sharing button (I use the Twitter button for that) and paste it anywhere you want. You can also subscribe to your personalized RSS feed and share directly from your feed reader: we've included your personal sharing URL in throughout the feed as well.

I use Buffer (or another client) to post to social networks, does that work?

The shortened PRO url doesn’t expire and is unique for each Pro member. You can copy the URL from the sharing buttons and paste it into Buffer, HootSuite or any other scheduling tool and it will just work.

How can I be sure I have the Pro sharing url and not the regular sharing URL?

You can copy the Pro URL from the sharing button and paste it into a new window to see how it works. If you see your avatar appear in a yellow field below the sharing buttons then you are good to go.

I see my name in the post but not my Twitter handle or a Twitter follow button?

Looks like Twitter isn’t connected yet, or need to be reconnected. Just go to your Account Settings page and click the ‘Reconnect account’ link under ‘Social connections’.

What happened with my RSS feed?

Simply click on the "PRO" icon in the top bar of the site to get a link to your personalized RSS feed. Using that link, you can read all the articles on TNW without ads and share articles with your own name, directly from your feed reader.

I have a friend who should also try this. Can I give them a free month to try this out?

Yes, you can. Send your friend this URL and it will all work out just fine:

Since I upgraded to Pro I’m not seeing any ads anymore. What happened?

We don’t show banner ads to Pro members. Some channels have channel sponsors, and you might still see those. If you want to see banner ads you can enable those in your Account Settings page under ’Site preferences’.

I don’t like the photo you are using for me in the Pro sharing field. Can I change it?

We use your Twitter avatar so if you want to display a different avatar just change your Twitter avatar and it will automatically also update here.

Can I link to something else than Twitter?

Right now we only link to Twitter. Maybe we will add an option to link to other social networks, but for now we will keep it simple. If you are dying for this feature then do let us know.

Can I see how much traffic I generate compared to other Pro members?

We have a daily updated ‘Leaderboard’ with the top 20 Pro members. We don’t show actually sharing numbers but you can get an idea of who is sharing more han others. If you don’t see your name there you should share more often, or just give it a day to update:

Pro offers me a banner free site and my name in posts that I share, correct? What else?

By upgrading to Pro you are supporting us as an independent blog. We don’t have funding and every dollar we make goes back into producing great content for our worldwide audience. Besides that we are continuously working on new featured to add to our Pro offering. We hope that in time it will become even cooler and more useful. If there are features you would love to see do let us know.

I have more than 10,000 followers on Twitter. Isn’t that worth a free Pro account?

Well, you can always ask. :-)

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