US politics had a major moment last night, and it involved Kim Kardashian

US politics had a major moment last night, and it involved Kim Kardashian

One day we’re going to look back at the 2016 presidential election and remember this moment.

After briefly celebrating Czar Trump’s eight consecutive term (yeah, that two term thing — doesn’t exist anymore), we’ll fondly remember a simpler time, a time where the United States took to Google to search “register to vote” more than it was searching “Kim Kardashian.”

Of course, by then, we’re very likely to be all like, “who’s Kim Kardashian?” so maybe it won’t be as impactful.

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According to Google Trends, the search term “register to vote” is typically dominated in search volume by those looking for all the information they can stuff in their heads about Kim Kardashian. But not last night. For one brief but glorious moment, voters took to the interwebs to find out how they can make a difference in the next election — before resuming their searches for Kim Kardashian, obviously.

The trend, first spotted by Financial Times social media ninja Jake Grovum, was brief, but the moment was ours. America, pat yourself on the back; last night was your night.

Democracy, FTW.

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