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Oppo to unveil phone camera with 10x optical zoom on January 16

Zooming in

We’ve seen plenty of phones featuring 2x optical zoom with the help of a secondary camera. But Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is about to set a new standard by unveiling a phone camera with 10x optical lossless zoom. Chinese publication MyDrivers noted that the company is sending out media invites for an event on January 16.

A few weeks ago, a patent leak suggested that Oppo will use 10x optical zoom technology in one of its upcoming devices. The image shows that the company will use some kind of mirror-based setup to achieve that.

Credit: The Leaker
Patent sketch of 10x zoom from Oppo

Two years ago, Oppo unveiled its 5x optical zoom technology for phone cameras at Mobile World Congress (MWC) but never ended up using it in any of its products. So we can’t be sure if the new 10x optical zoom technology will make its way to the consumers.

It’s not clear if the company will launch a commercial device or show off the technology with a prototype device. I guess we’ll just know in a few days.

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Published January 14, 2019 — 09:07 UTC