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Amazon now lets you talk to Alexa without saying ‘Hey Alexa’ EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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Amazon is today giving Alexa perhaps its most useful update since its inception: You can now speak to the assistant without saying “Hey Alexa” for every single command.

The feature, called Follow-Up Mode, simply allows Alexa to listen for another command for five seconds after your last request. That should make asking Alexa to perform several actions a lot less repetitive, although you still can’t use multiple commands in one sentence like you can with Google Assistant. You can also end the conversation by saying ‘thank you,’ adding a dose of friendliness. Or you can just say ‘stop’ if you’re feeling curt.

The feature is currently opt-in, so you’ll have to turn it on from the Echo’s app settings, but it’s a welcome addition. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon make this the default behavior in the future; it just makes sense. Here’s hoping Google follows suit.


Published March 9, 2018 — 21:03 UTC

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