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Motorola’s new Polaroid-printing Mod might be the best reason to buy a Moto Z

Moto Z Polaroid Insta Share

I’ve got to hand it to Motorola. When everyone else has all but abandoned modular smartphones, the company just keeps on churning out new Moto Mods. Today, the company introduced what might be the best one yet: A Polaroid printer that snaps onto the back of your phone.

It seems to be pretty much exactly what you expect. Snap it onto the back of your phone, take a photo (there’s even a hardware button on the cae), and then print it right from your phone. You can also print your existing photos from Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram. My only regret is that the photos are of the 2 x 3″ variety instead of the classic quasi-square format, but there’s only so much you can fit on a device this small.

As with all Moto Mods, the Insta-Share Printer should work with all devices in the Moto Z series (and theoretically, next year’s models too). The printer will set you back $200 when it pops up in Verizon stores and later this week.

Published November 15, 2017 — 21:53 UTC

Snap, Print and Share Anywhere with Polaroid Insta-Share Printer Moto Mod on Motorola