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Amazon’s new Alexa-powered Dash Wand lets you order groceries like magic

Amazon has launched a new version of its Dash Wand, a handheld Alexa-powered device that lets your order groceries by scanning bar codes or using your voice.

The $20 gizmo is available exclusively to Prime members in the US, and connects to your account to add items to your shopping cart; you’ll need to confirm your order using Amazon’s site or mobile apps. It comes with a hook and a magnetic body, so you can keep it handy in the kitchen or anywhere you can hang it around your home.

That’s great for people who frequently purchase products through Amazon – but the Wand has another cool trick up its sleeve: it can do some of the things that Alexa-equipped speakers can do, like control your connected home appliances with voice commands and answer questions like ‘How many grams make an ounce?’ – a major improvement over previous versions of the device that didn’t have access to Alexa’s skills.

To sweeten the deal, Amazon is giving Prime customers $20 back in their accounts when they order a Wand, making the device practically free. Oh, and they’ll also get a free 90-day trial of the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service. It may not do your wallet any good, but it sure sounds like it’ll make everyday shopping a fair bit easier.

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Published June 15, 2017 — 05:44 UTC

Amazon Dash Wand on Amazon

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