OnePlus 3T now comes in a stealthy Midnight Black color option


Though I thought the gunmetal OnePlus 3T was quite the looker in my review, some people just need their phones to be pitch black for maximum stealth cred. Fret no more, goths, as OnePlus has introduced a limited edition Midnight Black model.

Truth be told, OnePlus already announced a black model last week through a partnership with French retailer Colette, which was selling it in a single retail location in Paris, adorned with its own logo. Given most of the world doesn’t live in France, that wasn’t very helpful other than being something to lust over. It seems the company was just biding its time.

If you want to nab a Midnight Black model, OnePlus is selling just 250 of them through yet another partnership, this time on Hyperbeast’s online store. OnePlus says it will announce wider availability at a later date. Also, keep in mind it’s only available with the 128 GB storage option, which will set you back $479 (EUR 479/GBP 439) instead of the $379 of the 64 GB model.

Published March 22, 2017 — 16:49 UTC