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It’s a good thing Nokia didn’t go ahead with its Moonraker smartwatch

Shortly after Microsoft acquired Nokia in 2014, it nixed the Moonraker smartwatch that the Finnish firm was working on, so as to focus on the Band fitness tracker. We hardly got a chance to see what it looked like, save for this lone image.

Now, YouTuber Nokibar has shared a video of the wearable in action, showing us its design, features and user interface – and it’s all meh.

From the boxy, bulky exterior to its lackluster software with standard features like step tracking and messaging, the Moonraker looks uninspired compared to first-gen smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Pebble’s range of wearables.

Of course, we may not be looking at a finished product in this clip, but there’s almost nothing in there that makes you wish Nokia would’ve been allowed to bring it to market.

Good call, Microsoft.

Via Engadget

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Published November 16, 2016 — 04:39 UTC