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This painful video shows why GoPro’s recalling its Karma drone


After just 16 days on the market, GoPro announced yesterday that it has no choice but to put safety first and recall all units of its much-anticipated Karma drone while it thoroughly investigates a small number of reports of power failure during operation.

But what exactly does “power failure” mean? And why is it so dangerous? Well, the short video below should give you a pretty good idea. We have to warn you though, if you’re not too keen on the thought of watching an $800 drone fall to the ground and — presumably — break, please look away.

Don’t feel like watching the entire flight video? Skip to 2:05 for the good stuff.


Now imagine that you or your friend were sitting beneath the drone when it came plummeting to Earth, and you’ll have a pretty good idea why GoPro decided to bite the bullet, recognize there’s a problem with some of its Karma drones and issue a full recall.

If you own a Karma, you can find instructions on how to return it here.

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Published November 10, 2016 — 11:00 UTC

GoPro Karma Hard Crash on YouTube

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