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Video: This 1,000 watt LED-powered drone lights up your entire neighborhood

YouTube has an obsession with drones.

In its latest video, channel rctestflight managed to mount a 1,000 watt LED light bar to the underside of a Freefly Alta 8 drone – and the outcome is simply dazzling.

As the crafty YouTuber explains, he swapped out the cheap standard LED bulbs, originally strapped to the Alta 8, with much brighter, high-color rendering index LED chips from Yuji.

Even more impressive than rctestflight’s inventive setup, is the breath-taking footage that the LED-powered drone can produce.

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With this new and improved setup, the pimped-up octocopter has enough oomph to light up an entire city block… and still fly high for about 10 minutes.

Watching the Alta 8 illuminate massive areas of darkness is a genuinely fascinating experience – and a wonderful display of the beautiful images this setup can capture.

youtube, drone

And in case you’re wondering how much the setup costs – it’s a lot.

Each LED chip attached to the drone sells for $84 a piece. That’s still a small price to pay compared to the staggering $17,500 the Alta 8 would cost you.

Curious to see how rctestflight pulled off this crazy stunt? Watch the behind the scenes footage below for more details.

Heads-up: It’s really, really noisy. But so worth it.

via The Verge

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Published October 17, 2016 — 12:24 UTC